William Sommerville

Development of the Standard Information Tool System (SITS) for the Tools Group at Detroit Edison

Unit #10: 6/5/06 6/11/06


Task 1: Establish training on new system for team.

Status Completed as of Jun 5 moving to Task 2

Task 2: Conduct meeting briefing on project progress and Implementation date.

Status Completed as of Jun 5 moving to Task 3

Task 3: Implement SITS

Status Completed as of Jun 6 moving to Task 4

Task 4: Seek feedback from the Stakeholder.

Status Completed as of Jun 6 Project Completed


[What came up that needed to be addressed? Did you run into a problem or roadblock? How did you solve it? What important decisions did you make this week that impacted your project? What were the key tasks you performed this week? Do not state that there were no key decisions this week.]

The decision was made to launch on schedule. This was based upon the Stakeholders request to launch early. It was a consences of the team to launch on the planned schedule. Forty-eight hours was not going to be that big of a difference.



[Answer all questions below.]


1) What helpful feedback did you get in the class (instructor, classmates) and outside the class (user, stakeholder, beneficiary, mentor, expert advisor, others)? What did you learn from this feedback?

Based upon Unit 9 improvements and Stakeholers request. SITS was launch into production on 6 June 2006. The 5th and 6th of June the Stakeholder performed her own tests as she seemed very pleased.


2) What resources did you use this week (e.g., people, money, equipment, systems, or software)? Did you add new resources? What was your learning?

PS14 Production database and server (name with held for security reasons) was used to lauch SITS. Backup system will be the Staging server for the present.


3) What research did you perform this week that was assisting and/or literature based? What was your learning? Due to lauching SITS, very little research was performed.



[Answer all questions below.]


1) How well did you stick to your project schedule?

Ahead of schedule.


2) How prepared are you to conclude your project in Unit 10 as required in this course?


3) How likely is it that you will need to resort to your contingency plan?


[Make any additional comments here. You could provide links here to pages where we could view your work in progress on which to provide feedback.]

Please see snapshot of the SITS.


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