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Being in the military for over 20 years and in a leadership roll for more than half that time.  I have learned much of task, mission, accomplishment and relations with people.  Much of this time was not only with relations with military personnel, but with civilian and local national civilian counterparts as well.  I believe I possess what few leaders have and they are as follows.



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I decided what I wanted to do and began a plan on how to get there.  I took a look at my present state and decided which way to go.  I knew where I was strong and where I was weak.  I knew what it would take to get to where I wanted and I knew what was against me on the way there.  I also realized It would not be easy and I must be more determined than the average person when it come to this.  Even though most would consider it a career change, I considered it an increase of a already gradual process mostly to that field.  My resume will bear this.  I love working with computers and learning as much as possible about them.  What I like about them is that I am always learning something new and it drives me to learn and do more.  It also drives me to pass on what I have learned.



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Never has this been more true than in the C.C.W. (Civilian Corporate World).  This is terribly needed and the lack of it can cost a company millions, the department much respect and trust, and the individual a possible lost of job. In order to get the team to accomplish a project, they must see the goal, and be motivated towards that goal.  They must be counseled and PRAISED during the trip to that goal.   And they must be awarded when the goal is accomplished.  Supervisors and managers who only talk to the employees when there is a problem created so many negative elements that the cost is insurmountable.  I have learned what my people are doing by working with them right by their side.   I keep abreast of the latest changes and can step in at a minutes notice in emergencies providing the support few managers or supervisors can do.   This come as a great gold mine as when a problem arises.  I will know what my people are talking about the first time instead of having to get a lesson on the basics of the situation before knowing what the problem is.  I will work the long hours, do the research, get the equipment ( if I have to buy it myself ), and rally the personnel to accomplish the task whatever it may be.  I will do all of this at the same time insuring the health and welfare of my personnel.



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It can make or break you.  You must inform your personnel up and down the chain of management.  I always inform my people what is going on.   It squashes rumors, quells whispers, and muffles negative perceptions.  It saddens me to see a company with all of the latest methods of the technology, yet have communication problems because people fail to use the simplest version of it.  



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What is the cost of a delay?  Depends, but it can range from $1.00 on up.  People are so afraid of making the wrong decision,  they cost a company thousands if not millions putting it off.  I have seen first hand what it can do and believe me, it is not pretty.  Remember this if nothing else, "Last minute decisions, bring last minute results."  You read it here first.



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Like in the military, there needs to be quarterly counseling performed.  To many times I have seen miscommunication due to the lack of counseling.  An employee thinks they are doing fine only to find out a year later that his or hers manager thinks otherwise, and never told the employee until the review was due.   Negative and positive counseling (verbal and written) needs to be done.  The One Minute Manager, Leadership Counseling Courses, and other courses provided by training companies needs to be presented for all managers and supervisors.



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Many managers believe that they got to where they are because of their own initiative and drive.  True you may have been the igniter, but who kept the flames burning?  The people under you, that's who.  Never forget them, buy them lunch as a group, let them off a little early from time to time as a surprise, have regular sessions with them and remind them of where you stand.  Many of my accomplishment were to the people under me.  Supporting, agree with me or not, through thick and thin, all the while with pride.  I will never forget them.


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