To say she was the Rock of Gibraltar of the family would be an understatement. For those who were under her care, my Grandmother was the ultimate in duel roles that many young ladies of today's society could take note of.  Wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother were just a few of her many titles as a supporting force to the family. Counselor, mentor, teacher, chaperone and loving supporter were appellations my Grandmother wore like badges of honor in her ever caring of the family's daily life experiences.
I cannot put a value on what my Grandmother taught me. Nor should I because in truth, it was invaluable. The many late night talks we had as she saw me mature in my words and deeds gave her the satisfaction that her mentoring had paid off and her smile said in so many words, "He will be fine."  She told me something that I have never forgotten to this day. "Life" as she paused, "is supposed to be difficult and hard. If it were easy, we would not learn a thing and we would be running around this earth like spoiled brats into self oblivion. How you overcome these obstacles during your journey of life will determine your character.  Later when you look back on what you have accomplished, you will discover it was your finest hour."
It was nothing for me to come home late at night and see my Grandmother waiting up, have a little talk then she would feel calm enough to sleep. My Grandmother always felt better when everyone was at home.  I guess what really was so amazing was how her caring and compassion spread to other families who were at first strangers, then in time became our extended family.
I do not know what was the name of the special gift God bestowed to my Grandmother to have so much love, compassion, and foresight. I guess the name does not matter, only that our Lord did bestow it to her and like an artist; she painted one hell of a family portrait. The love she spread throughout naturally radiated back to her through her daughter Joanna, her grandchildren Frances, Anne, Marilyn, and Raymond. Her great partner of assistance Willie Davis and other family members and friends whom are far and wide to this very day.
I wish to conclude with a simple thank you, thank you all. The love you all have spread is a part of the gift God gave my Grandmother radiating in all directions. As we all know in today's world, could use a lot more of. So thank you my Lord for bestowing such a beautiful gift to my Grandmother. Grandma, thank you for using what the Lord blessed you to incorporate in us all.