Like many others, I had done a year of college and still did not know what I wanted to do in life.

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My father told me that no matter how many years of college I do, One of those years should be a hobo year. This way you will learn some of the main ingredients of life and see the world at the same time. When I decided to start out to be a hobo, I asked my father for some money to get started. He laughed and said, " Son you do not start to be a hobo with someone giving you money." "Now take this broom and clean out this garage." Two weeks later, I had enough money to make it from Akron to Cleveland ( 32 miles ). I decided to join the Army.

In the travel department the Army did not disappoint me. I have been to places I did not know we had interests in and still could not figure out why when I got there. My travels have showed me that we are all the same. We just do things differently.


Rather than understanding this, man uses these differences to produce hatred, prejudice, and unequal status with his fellow man. This is sad due to the extra energy wasted to produce such negative results. The ironic part of this is that history has taught us that man doing good towards his fellow man has produce positive results for all. Yet man choices in many cases literary choices not to. History has not lied to us, the results are clear. In todays world we maybe faced with our biggest challenged yet.