A Little Cute Lesson

Another Take

Here is one that may be a little amusing, In Africa there was a family of monkeys in the trees eating berries. One of them saw all the berries that had fallen on the ground that the deer were eating and thought to himself, “I could eat more berries down there with the deer and if a tiger or lion comes along, the deer will be spooked and let me know in time to run back up the tree.” This practice was taboo amongst most of the monkey clan.
So the monkey goes down to the ground and starts eating the berries with the deer. After a while he began to relax and enjoy being on the ground (because it had been so long) and went to the edge of the tree line with a few berries in his hand, sat down and watch the sun set as he ate. What the monkey did not realize was there was a tiger nearby in the tall grass trying to inch is way close to one of the deer, but now the monkey was closer and beside, for this tiger the monkey was a more tasty meal.


The tiger looked and said to himself I can’t believe it. That monkey is on the ground without a care in the world. Sweet Christmas (where have you heard that before?) So the tiger inches his way to the monkey and the next thing you know, WAAP, the tiger snatched the monkey and dragged him off to another part of the woods. Now above there was a mother monkey looking at the whole scene and said to her baby. “If you want to be stupid like what just happen to uncle Bob, go down to the ground to eat. Now look around and see what the deer are doing.” The baby looked and to his amazement, the deer had not moved. They were still eating the berries off the ground. The baby monkey asked, “Mama, why didn’t the deer run off?” The mother monkey replied “For what? They probably jumped a little when Uncle Bob got snatched, but when they saw what happed; they said there is no need to take off now, the tiger got his meal.”