Dear Jazzerainious,

I have been married ten years to a wonderful man whom I still love to this day. About three years ago, my husband mentioned he had discovered a jazz radio station online called Jazzerainious and liked the music and its lack of a machine gun commercials. I listened to him in passing until one night in our bedroom, I began to listen and was pleased of what I heard.

We had been trying to have a child since we were married with no success. We now have a two year old son that my husband swears is the result of listening to Jazzerainious every night. Even though I will admit noticeable improvement in our love making, I will not go that far.

However, If for some reason you have received other letters of this nature, I advised spreading the word that listening to Jazzerainious may be a cheaper method of fertilization.

Carol Willams
Vancover, British Columbia