Jazzerainious Reviews

I happened to come across Jazzerainious while in itunes. The description intrigued me, so I click on it to check it out.
I can't remember the piece that was playing, but the sound was bright, crisp, clear and even more intriguing. As I began to listen, I found myself becoming impatient as I could not wait to hear the next piece. I was surprised when I did turn it off, that I had been listening for hours and just did not realize it. Now this is a station I have been looking for. I have to agree, with no commercials, it is truly in a class by itself.

Robert Weiss
Vancouver, British Columbia


Jazzerainious, how in the world you guys come up with such a great name? It describes this station perfectly.

Robin Turner
Chicago, Illinois


Now this is new!!

Carl Russ
Atlanta, Georgia


I have been listening to Jazzerainious for a long time and all I can say is if it was a drug, I would be hooked. I love Jazz and Jazzerainious truly helps me enjoy Jazz to it's fullest.

SGT Bill Johnson
Soesterberg, Netherlands


I work on the imperial grounds in Tokyo Japan and I ran across Jazzerainious in itunes. I like it so much, I listen every day as many of what it plays I have never heard before. I thought I knew Jazz. Jazzerainious has taught me that I still have a ways to go.

Soto Kitomoto
Tokyo, Japan



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Bill Sommerville